About Me

This is the rebirth of a blog I started last year on another site. I thought it was better to separate it from my personal blog. The inspiration for this blog came about in a desire to get into writing about what I do and reaching a mass audience with educational writing that people can get something out of.

My background is very diverse as I hold a Bachelor’s in Business, a Master’s in Biology and a Master in Public Health. The latter two degrees are the two areas that I am currently working in. My Biology Master’s focused on Microbiology or the study of bacteria, viruses and other microscopic life and molecular biology or the study of what living things are composed of. I have a wide variety of interests but I am mainly focused on pathogenesis or how microbes spread disease, antimicrobial resistance, new methods of fighting bacteria and viruses and emerging infections.

During my MPH studies,  I developed an interest in vaccination policy, Community Based Public Health as well as looking at ways to improve the delivery of primary care. Deep in the latter issue is the topic of Health Disparities and how primary care can if delivered more effectively to a larger population can help to close the gap among those with health care and those without. It is a topic I hope to address more as this blog develops.

Biology and Public Health share many elements in common. My goal is to show how the two interact as well as inform, enlighten and give (occasional) opinions on the critical issues of the day.


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